A Central Bank - SL Regulated

Leasing Company Since 2003

We have more than 15 years of experience as a regulated financial
institute with proven record of performance excellence.


Customer Service

Cooperative Leasing strive to offer you the best possible customer
service and support because our customers are our wealth.

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the Industry

We are cooperative and we are the only leasing company on customer's side.
Our objective is not only to make profit but also the community well being.

Co-operative Leasing Co. Ltd

Co-operative leasing is the first and only licensed specialized leasing company fully owned by cooperative sector in Sri Lanka under regulation of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka

Co-operative Leasing
Company Ltd.

Co-operative leasing Company is a Specialized Leasing Company registered with the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Finance Leasing Act No.56 0f 2000. Our journey began in year 2003 with the main objectives of serving both rural and urban populace with a distinguished nature of service experience in the financial service industry while creating investment avenues for the country’s Cooperative Sector with an enhanced return. Today the Company offers a broad spectrum of financial services and products including leases and hire purchase, revolving credit, short and term finance, mortgage loans, consumer finance, SME & micro finance etc.

Flexible Solutions

Social Responsibility

Customer Focused


15 Years
of excellence

Established in year 2003 as a specialized leasing company registered with the Monetary Board of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the Finance Leasing Act No.56 0f 2000.

Delivering a superior service

Cooperative Leasing is a cooperative organization and believes that society wellbeing is the key to success. CLCL provide the best service to the community by customizing its service, negotiating and blending to dynamic nature of the community.

Cooperative Leasing strives to uplift the living standards of the society

CLCL community oriented and has offered many products and services to meet needs of the community. They Include Loans for SME Development, Micro Lending, Personal Loans, Revolving Credit and many more to allow community to uplift their living standards with more flexible financial solutions.