CLCL’s community development strategy is driven in 02 ways. i.e. from normal course of business under its distinguish Micro Finance Programme and the through CSR initiatives.

Keeping in align with co-operative concept, company introduced a unique Micro Finance programme (MFP) under its Polpithigama Window office, Wayamba Province in September 2017. The borrowers are well sought after and analysed than the orthodox micro finance programmes in the country in terms of their real credit requirement and best suit revolving intervals. These are evaluated with giving concerns to demography’s of each client and their family. Hence the preferred average credit quantum has been around Rs.300,000/- and would upgrade to around Rs.500,000/- under proper repayment cycles.

Even before introduction of Interest Rate Caps cy Central Bank of Sri Lanka for Micro Lending, CLCL’s effective interest rates were well below the cap. All facilities are insured which part of the cost is sponsored by the company. By the FY 17/18 company has empowered women, created entrepreneurships of around no’s 300 in 08 highly rural villages with a total credit around Rs.40 Mn. To name some of the villages in highly remote areas are Dahanathgama, Karambe, Polpipithigama, Ma-Eliya, Madagalla, Kiralabokka, Hakwatuna, Mahawa etc.

Today it has shown that the programme has been highly successful and has generated both short-term & long-term socio-economic impacts to the country’s grass-root communities.


The Company’s micro-financing facilities are disbursed exclusively towards income generating avenues which would eventually enable borrowers to upgrade their livelihood status Accordingly, we have directly supported enterprise creation, by supporting entrepreneurs to commercialize their business ideas. We also disburse facilities for expanding businesses, effectively allowing clients to transition from micro enterprises to small businesses thereby contributing towards job creation. Enterprise creation also leads to employment generation for the borrower’s family members, friends and relatives as well as external parties


Our micro-financing facilities focus exclusively on female entrepreneurs which contribute towards female empowerment, resulting in additional income earning opportunities and increasing independence. Women also tend to invest in enhancing family welfare including investments in education and healthcare, thereby leading to improved socio-economic conditions of the family.


As CSR Initiatives Company always promote and sponsor welfare activities especially among its co-operative sector shareholders. These includes various welfare programmes on Co-op member societies fromhighly rural areas, who are within our value chain.

As livelihood elevation, out of the many activities, Re-building of a new home, due to damage from recent adverse weather conditions of our very own staff member could be highlighted. Here company made its active contribution in terms of both monetary, material and man power.